Want to outsource the management of your social media channels so you can place more focus on other areas of your business?

Salt the Social has 3 different monthly packages on offer to fulfil your specific needs. Expect consistency, creation of a strong brand image and insights that speak for themselves.



Turn our eye-catching imagery into social media advertisements.

Create more than just photo-content. Expand to video-content and watch your reach grow and thereby your customer base.

Feed planning is conducted to ensure that every post is on-brand, and getting the brand closer to their targets. *it will never get 'boring'*


This client reached out to me wanting to outsource their SMM in order to focus on other areas of the business, as expansion and growth is a priority.

Within the package I focus on daily posting on both stories and in-feed, community and customer engagement and call-to-action features to increase sales. Curating a feed that highlights all three business areas is important to the brand, and i've simultaneously achieved levels of aesthetic, education and real-results from their offerings.